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Full Version: Stalin a Jew
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Stalin a Jew

Nobel Prize winning Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that Stalin was a Jew, and for that he was sentenced to the Gulags.

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Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn (/soʊlʒəˈniːtsɨn/; Russian: Алекса́ндр .... conduct of the war by Joseph Stalin, whom he called "Khozyain" ("the boss"), and "Balabos" (Yiddish rendering of Hebrew baal ha-bayiθ for "master of the house").

Literally called Stalin a Hebrew Jewish boss. Thus Solzhentisyn was arrested and sent to die in the Gulags.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


In February 1945, while serving in East Prussia, Solzhenitsyn was arrested for writing derogatory comments in private letters to a friend, Nikolai Vitkevich,[11] about the conduct of the war by Joseph Stalin, whom he called "Khozyain" ("the boss"), and "Balabos" (Yiddish rendering of Hebrew baal ha-bayiθ for "master of the house").[12] He was accused of anti-Semitic propaganda under Article 58 paragraph 10 of the Soviet criminal code, and of "founding a hostile organization" under paragraph 11.[13][14] Solzhenitsyn was taken to the Lubyanka prison in Moscow, where he was interrogated. On 7 July 1945, he was sentenced in his absence by Special Council of the NKVD to an eight-year term in a labour camp. This was the normal sentence for most crimes under Article 58 at the time.[15]


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Stalin's bodyguards were Jews

And why, we might add, if Stalin was so all-encompassingly hateful of Jews, did he entrust his life to a Jewish bodyguard, Matyas Rakoszy? [VAKSBERG, p. 40][1]

(Another Jewish Stalin bodyguard, son of a rabbi, and “protege of Nikita Khruschev,” was Alexander Contract, who started out in the NKVD—later the KGB. Contract even saved the life of future Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin). [O’DWYER, T., 7-6-98][2]

Stalin's personal physicians were Jews

And if Stalin was singularly focused in his alleged hatred of Jews, why did his “personal corps of physicians” include “Drs. Weisbrod, Moshenberg, and Lev Gigorievich Levin?” [RAPOPORT, L., 1990, p. 37][3]


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