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STALIN created ISRAEL - Prague Historian - 10-04-2015 08:57 AM

Stalin loved his fellow JEWS.

Stalin's immense love for his fellow Jews drove him to marry a Jew and create a nation for Jews, that of ISRAEL.

1. Stalin pushed for the creation of ISRAEL in the UN on May 14, 1947, before the USA did on October 11, 1947.
2. Stalin legally recognized ISRAEL on May 17, 1948, before the USA did on January 11, 1949.
3. Stalin armed ISRAEL with top of the line Spitfire V fighters, violating UN arms embargo on ISRAEL in 1948.

Stalin, who was married to a Jew, loved Jews so much that he Advocated Israel, Recognized Israel, Armed Israel, BEFORE any other nation in the world did.

Quote:Stalin's USSR was the first nation to advocate, in the UN, for the state of ISRAEL on May 14, 1947, whereas the USA didn't support the idea until October 11, 1947.


Held in the General Assembly Hall at Flushing
Meadow, New York, on Wednesday, 14 May
1947, at 11 a.m.
President: Mr. O. ARANHA (Brazil).

19. Discussion of the report of the First Committee on the establishment of a special committee on Palestine (documents A/307 and A/307/Corr. 1)


"During the last war, the Jewish people underwent exceptional sorrow and suffering. Without any exaggeration, this sorrow and suffering are indescribable. It is difficult to express them in dry statistics on the Jewish victims of the fascist aggressors. The Jews in territories where the Hitlerites held sway were subjected to almost complete physical annihilation. The total number of members of the Jewish population who perished at the hands of the nazi executioners is estimated at approximately six million. Only about a million and a half Jews in Western Europe survived the war.

But these figures, although they give an idea of the number of victims of the fascist aggressors among the Jewish people, give no idea of the difficulties in which large numbers of Jewish people found themselves after the war.

Large numbers of the surviving Jews of Europe were deprived of their countries, their homes and their means of existence. Hundreds of thousands of Jews are wandering about in various countries of Europe in search of means of existence and in search of shelter. A large number of them are in camps for displaced persons and are still continuing to undergo great privations. To these privations our attention was drawn in particular by the representative of the Jewish Agency, whom we heard in the First Committee."

USA didn't support ISRAEL in the UN until later.

United States Position on Palestine Question(1)
Statement by Herschel V. Johnson, United States Deputy Representative to the United Nations, October 11, 1947


Stalin's USSR was the first nation in the World to advocate for Israel in the UN, and the first to recognize de jure, by law, the actual state of ISRAEL.


Quote:"The Soviet Union was the first country to recognise Israel de jure on 17 May 1948", followed by the USSR occupied countries of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia. In fact all of Stalin's controlled nations were the very first to recognize Israel legally.


In fact the USA didn't de jure, legally, recognize ISRAEL until January of 1949, a year later.

Of course Stalin, being a Jew, defended his newly created ISRAEL with the most advanced fighter aircraft from Soviet occupied Europe, namely the British made Spitfire Mk V, which outclassed all Arab aircraft.

We see so many uneducated WN saying "Stalin turned against the Jews!" which is Jewish hysteria and propaganda for the Goyim about the "persecuted Jews everywhere". Stalin, part Jew, was assassinated by his fellow Jews in a gang turf war over who would control ISRAEL, much as the Jew Kaplan shot the Jew Lenin, essentially over a similar gang turf war.

RE: STALIN created ISRAEL - The Druid - 10-29-2015 04:46 PM

Any Marxist will say Stalin was anti-semitic, typical Jew claim of persecution. The evidence shows otherwise.